Hailey vs. Doug Part 4

Hailey vs. Doug Part 4


Please Note: Hailey vs. Doug Part 4 is a smartphone friendly .mp4! It will play on all smartphones, PC’s and Macs.

In Part 4 of Hailey vs. Doug, Hailey completely polishes him off! He’s exhausted now, and she just works him with more embarrassing scissor holds. He can’t believe he is being completely whipped by such a sexy woman, and Hailey makes sure he knows he’s beat as she pours on the scissor pressure! Holds worked in part 4 include a flip takedown, front scissors, reverse and reverse figure 4, and another brutal rear naked choke/body scissors combo that has him choke his final submission. Hotstuff Hailey completes the match with some excellent victory posing as she stands over her victim and flexes. Part 4 is 6.5 minutes in length. See Hotstuff Hailey’s Utopia Star Profile! Enjoy!

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