Ginger Martin (The Hot Muscle Mom) vs. John Part 3

Ginger Martin (The Hot Muscle Mom) vs. John Part 3


In Part 3 of Ginger’s installment of Utopia’s competitive mixed wrestling series, Holy Shit, This Woman Can Really Wrestle!” Ginger begins to use the scissors smash and snap. This is where Ginger lifts her leg high off of John then brings it down full force into his jaw and then snaps her legs straight out, practically whip-lashing him. In the rest of the segment, the only time, there isn’t jaw breaking or rib cracking pressure applied to John, is when she’s recoiling for another neck wrenching scissor-snap! Sexy Ginger told us she was actually getting turned on by John’s screams, and tried each time to make him scream louder. Part 3 features figure fours from the rear and front, a brutal front scissor and a back bending camel clutch that brings John to submission. “

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