The Trainer Gets Trained!

The Trainer Gets Trained!


Duration: 67 minutes

Here at Utopia we are very proud of all our offerings. However our latest, MW-67, The Trainer gets Trained! is special. It all starts with hot IFBB Pro Physique Competitor, Vice! Just 2 weeks off her contest shape, Vice is stunning! Then add in quality lighting, camerawork, editing and fantastic action, and you have an awesome video! Vice hears of a new personal trainer who specializes in last minute contest prep, but when they meet, he rips her physique to shreds and insults her. Vice throws him down, gets behind him and straps on an intense head scissor. He struggles to get free, but Vice’s incredible legs are simply too strong. He begins to weaken, but as she throws him on the floor, he has no idea what’s going to happen next. Vice captures him in a brutal grapevine and begins to hip-thrust him over and over, knocking the air out of him, twisting his knees to the brink and pinning him against the floor. He can’t escape so Vice Maneuvers him into a crushing body scissor and choke combination. When she tells him she could kill him, he begins to panic. All this is just a prelude for what happens next. We’ve shot a lot of reverse scissor sequences in our 22 year history, but Vice’s will go down in history as possibly the best. 8 solid minutes including both straight leg and reverse figure 4’s are captured from every angle. She pours it on continually forcing him to tap again and again as she keeps him on the verge of passing out. He clutches continually at her unrelenting gams for the briefest gasps of air. When she finally lets him free, he is completely softened up for the end front scissor sequence. Vice punishes the mouthy personal Trainer from start to finish gaining his complete submission. If you’re a fan of beautiful, contest shape IFBB Pro Physique women wrestling and scissoring, then this download is a must have! The one minute sample montage clip and promotional screen grabs are all captured directly from the download itself, and are an accurate representation of the quality contained. Plenty of eye-popping close-ups to highlight Vice’s eye-popping muscular physique!MW-67, The Trainer gets Trained! starring Vice is 28 minutes of non-stop wrestling/scissoring action in stereo sound. A smartphone and tablet friendly 858mb, 1280 x 720 high definition, .mp4. Enjoy!

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