Fon’s Scissor Slave RR – Part 3

Fon’s Scissor Slave RR – Part 3


IFBB Pro Penpraghai Tiangngok (Fon) is one of the most muscular and dominant women in mixed wrestling. She knows her lean, ripped physique literally chokes her victims as it crushes them at the same time. Her scissors are simply brutal! In Part 3 of Fon’s Scissor Slave “RR,” sexy Fon punishes RR in a variety of wrestling maneuvers. First she captures RR in a death grip. She challenges him to escape or have his neck broken. He’s completely helpless as she squeezes the air from his lungs while choking him at the same time. Next she switches to a body scissors and then a grapevine. Her grapevine is possibly the most punishing of any hold. Her legs and glutes swell to massive proportions as she squeezes tight. Her legs straighten and his legs bend to the breaking point. Add a reverse headlock and RR can only clutch at the unyielding muscle that owns him. When she lets him free, she sits on his chest and pulls his head up high in a front scissor. Here, you can see just how massive Fon’s legs are, as each slab of quad is about as thick as his head. Rolling to her side she nearly knocks him out in a figure 4 … flexing as she squeezes the daylights out of him! Fons Scissor Slave RR – Part 3 is 5.5 minutes long and only $6.95. The full download of UTCS-20, Fon’s Scissor Slave – RR is available here. Enjoy!

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