Fon’s Scissor Slave! Part 3 with Tony

Fon’s Scissor Slave! Part 3 with Tony


Part 3 of Fon’s Scissor Slave begins with exotic Asian IFBB Pro Fon continuing the standing scissor domination of Tony. This time Fon releases him, immediately turning around and re-securing his head into an amazing reverse standing scissor. Tony is bent completely backwards, all the way up high in Fon’s muscular prison. When she feels him go limp, Fon flops to the mat and tortures her victim further with a throat scissors and figure 4’s. The last 4 minutes is a whirlwind of debilitating mixed wrestling, scissoring action as Fon first traps Tony in a reverse head scissor and then reverse figure 4. Tony taps his submission but Fon moves behind him and pulls him into her applying one of her new “finishing” moves… the deathgrip! Her left arm in a reverse headlock, her right arm trapping his right arm, she secures her grip behind his back and locks in a body scissor. Leaning back, stretching him to the breaking point while choking him, his escape is impossible. Fon forcefully tightens her hold on him so he knows she could literally kill him! Fon, proving her overwhelming dominance, now stands on top of Tony and flexes. A fantastic victory pose finish to another dismantling of a mere male by Fon! Part 3 is 8.5 amazing minutes, 240mb and $7.95. See the full version of Fon’s Scissor Slave today! Also, check out Penpraghai Tiangngok’s Utopia Star Profile here! Enjoy!”

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