Fon’s Scissor Slave! Part 2 with Tony

Fon’s Scissor Slave! Part 2 with Tony


In part 2 of Fon’s Scissor Slave Fon increases the scissoring, mixed wrestling abuse of Tony. Fon jumps on Tony entwining him in a brutal grapevine. If you saw one of our earlier videos with Fon, UTCS-11 Penpraghai Tiangngok – Fon – Wrestling! you know she has one of the most brutal grapevines on the planet. She then maneuvers Tony into a rear naked choke, body scissor submission. Standing up, Fon gets another standing scissor on him and again asserts her dominance by flexing. Turning to a side scissor, Fon works him back down to the mat with a crushing side scissor. She pours on the pressure, turning him into several positions, including a throat scissor, figure 4, and then rolls him over onto his belly for one of the most punishing hangman style scissors we’ve ever seen!

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