Fon’s Scissor Slave! Part 1 with Tony

Fon’s Scissor Slave! Part 1 with Tony


IFBB Pro Physique Athlete Penpraghai Tiangngok (Fon) is one of the fittest, most muscularly developed women in mixed wrestling. In recent years she has been exploring her dominant side and she has become an incredible wrestling, scissoring, muscle worshiping goddess! In part 1 of Fon’s Scissor Slave Fon tells Tony to worship her muscles. Tony loves Fon’s physique and he feels and kisses her awesome bi’s and legs with enthusiasm. As he is admiring her legs, she pulls him in between her thick, striated thighs, leans back into the couch and scissors his head in both classic and figure 4 fashions. Tony is no wimp, he can take a tremendous amount of punishment, but Tony can only clutch at Fon’s smooth, hard legs that imprison him. She allows him to breath for a minute but only if he removes her high heels and worships and kisses her sexy feet. Interrupting his pleasure, Fon stands up again and scissors Tony while standing over him. Ultra dominant, Fon raises up her huge biceps and flexes while squeezing the snot out of him! Fans of Muscle Worship and feet, should especially like this segment. Part 1 is 6 minutes, 180mb and $6.95. See the full version of Fon’s Scissor Slave today! Also, check out Penpraghai Tiangngok’s Utopia Star Profile here! Enjoy!

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