Electra Surrenders Nick!

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Electra Surrenders Nick!


Electra is an all natural beauty with uncanny strength packed into a 5’3″ 120lb. frame. In fact when he lays eyes on Electra dressed in her sexy little bikini, Marine Nick thinks this is going to be a cake-walk. And yes, Nick is indeed a Marine. In fact, Nick has been in many videos since this one, but this is his first ever shoot for Utopia. Electra introduces herself to the camera, confiding that her first video ever (a few years earlier) was also with Utopia, and then introduces Marine Nick. As many of you know, there is a moment of uncertainty before you engage in a wrestling match with a woman. After all you’re wrestling a beautiful girl. Is she strong? Is she skilled? That moment is often many of our undoing. So this happens with Nick, as Electra jumps on him from the outset. It just so happens that Electra is at the peak of her wrestling career and she has now had significant training in boxing, grappling and submission wrestling. She has excellent balance, knows a gazillion holds and has incredible go-for-the-throat instincts. She wrestles this soldier to the ground and proceeds to scissor him into submission over and over. Nick is shocked at how strong her scissorhold is and doesn’t really know what to do. Electra sends jolts of near full power into Nick every time he tries to break free, and almost from the moment she took him down, he was being trained to surrender to her will! There are quite a few times in this video that she has Nick in pain and nearly out, including when she pulls him to the edge of the bed with his head hanging over and her slipping him into an ultra-tight front head scissor. She says “lets play a little game,” then counting to 3, she collapsed his throat with a brutal press. It took her one half second to tap him out. Then she does it again, literally threatening our serviceman. Holds of note include guillotine, rear naked choke, and arm bar and grueling scissors and figure 4’s from nearly every angle. Extreme Electra engages in some of the sexiest smack talk on Earth and she whips him verbally, as bad as physically. Electra Surrenders Nick is a visual and auditory feast for fans of mixed wrestling. Enjoy!


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