Every Which Way But Loose!

Every Which Way But Loose!


Duration: 97 minutes

Recently we’ve been discussing the best session girls of all time. A name that keeps popping up is Nikki Fierce. Nikki came to Utopia when she was deep into practicing Yoga. Her body was lean and muscular and the strength and muscle control she attained through Yoga made her scsissorholds exceptionally dangerous. Seriously, Nikki can knock a person out in seconds, and threatens to knock Nick out many times. Knockouts aside, the flexibility she now enjoys has enabled her to perfect her pro wrestling holds and grappling locks as well, and now (more than ever) she is able to twist her opponents into all sorts of debilitating positions. Nick told us before the start of the video that he was tired of ‘letting’ some of the women put him in scissor holds. Knowing how accomplished at wrestling Nikki was, we asked her if it was OK to shoot this as a competitive match. Ever confident in her skills, Nikki replied ‘no problem!’ MW-97, Every Which Way But Loose starts out competitive, but during the takedown Nick looses balance and Nikki traps him between her lithe muscular legs. This is the beginning of the end for Nick, and it’s very soon after that panic sets in. His realization that he is totally overmatched and that the person he is pitted against can knock him out at their whim, inflict tremendous amounts of pain, or worse yet, break something! Nikki is also a master of the mind game. She interacts with both the camera and Nick to tell him what she is doing, why he’s screwed now, and what might happen next if he tries to resist. The guide photos and sample clip don’t even touch how awesome Nikki is and how much pain and agony she put Nick through. That said, enjoy Nikki Fierce turning Nick, Every Which Way But Loose!

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