Dominated by ThunderSkye!

Dominated by ThunderSkye!


(10 Mins.)

ThunderSkye is a competitive female bodybuilder and session wrestler from California.  Possessing incredible strength, speed, stamina and skill, ThunderSkye loves to dominate men in mixed wrestling.  Her scissorholds are particularly brutal, but ThunderSkye is not one dimensional.  She brings an amateur wrestling background and more recently, grappling training onto the mat  Her sole goal, is to humiliate her opponent!  In UTCS-148, Dominated by ThunderSkye, our participants get oiled up to even the playing field, and at one point ThunderSkye removes her top to reveal her beautiful, natural breasts.  That way Flavio might actually stand a chance to outlast some of the grueling scissors that ThunderSkye can strap on him.  It didn’t really help Flavio much, as ThunderSkye makes him tap 16 times in 10 minutes of non-stop action. Holds of note include:  front scissor, guillotine, head scissor, figure 4, judo scissor, side scissor, body scissor, rear naked choke, front headlock, straddle, victory pose and plenty of flexing.  Particularly debilitating are her double leg grapevine and reverse head scissor, both of which she captures him in many times. Check out the sample video, I think you’ll agree, ThunderSkye is the real deal, and the newest Utopia Wrestling Star to join our growing roster.  TRT 10 minutes, enjoy!


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