Do You Wanna Wrestle?

Do You Wanna Wrestle?


(18.5 Mins.)

IFBB Pro Muscle Barbie is an ultra sexy, blonde, muscle goddess from Australia. She’s been likened to Pamela Anderson from Baywatch, but with muscles. This former competitive bodybuilder has gone away from the session world for now, but she loves to combine being sexy, and super dominant at the same time. In “Do You Wanna Wrestle?” Muscle Barbie is snuggling on the couch with her new dude Rick. He finally gets up the balls to ask her to wrestle, and to his surprise she says, “I love to wrestle!” she stands up on the couch and says, “I warn you though, my legs are very powerful.” It’s an age old story, but one we never tire of. Muscle Barbie changes into a bikini and then proceeds to wipe the floor with Rick. It’s total wrestling humiliation. With the dude unable to defend himself, Muscle Barbie pulls down his pants and begins to jerk him off. She aims to punish and emasculate him while milking him dry… her reward for dominating him. They’ve worked up a good sweat, but every time his head begins to slip, she stuffs him higher in her reverse scissorhold. In the end, he’s taken way too long to cum and Muscle Barbie is pissed. She’s captured all his spunk and she has one more humiliation in store for him. Muscle Barbie is gorgeous and mean as can be in “Do you Wanna Wrestle?” This clip goes in the category, “Be careful what you wish for!” 18:45 minutes in length, enjoy.


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