Bianca’s Rules – Rule #2, My Weight Bench!

Bianca’s Rules – Rule #2, My Weight Bench!


(16 Mins.)

Bianca Blance is an all natural, incredibly sexy, fitness junkie and session wrestler from Italy.  Every time we see her, she is in better condition than the last and this time her body is lean and muscular with an incredible 6-pack, highlighted by deep ridges in her abs.  Indeed, we witnessed Bianca’s current work-out regimen and she is an animal in the gym!  We are super lucky to be the first American production company to shoot with her during her current US tour, straight from island hopping all summer in the Mediterranean, where she put on a gorgeous tan as well.  Bianca exudes sensuality and sexuality from every pore, and we feel this is one of the sexiest scissor stories we have ever produced.  We told Bianca about our new stud-boy “King” and told her he can take a pretty good thrashing, and fortunately Bianca is up to the challenge.  In UTCS-190, Bianca’s Rules – Rule #2, My Weight Bench, Bianca has some rules governing her mats, weight bench and hot tub.  If you use them without her permission, you get scissored!  Bianca enters fresh from tanning in her super-slinky slingshot and sees King using the leg extension.  She points to the sign and thus, let the scissors begin.  Make no mistake, this is a severe, yet ultra-sexy scissoring!  Bianca scissor slams, snaps and squeezes King into oblivion!  She uses her version of the “scissor seesaw” (that we have now nicknamed the “scissor jackhammer,”) because when Bianca is done with him, he’s been pulverized.  She takes her top off near the beginning so most of the video is Bianca nearly naked.  Several intense scissor sequences from many angles, facesitting and even a little muscle worship round out this offering, with some incredible closeups captured by Kip. The preview clip can be found here.   Bianca’s Rules – Rule #2, My Weight Bench is 16 minutes long, enjoy!


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