Beaten by a Girl … Again!

Beaten by a Girl … Again!


(14 Mins.)

In Beaten by a Girl … Again, mixed wrestling icon, Veve Lane returns to defend her son’s honor, and get him back on the wrestling team .. again!  But this time Coach Diablo sends out one of his lackey’s, King, to dispense of Veve, and that proves to be a huge mistake.  Veve is a wrestling and grappling expert and unless you are highly skilled, it doesn’t matter how big or strong you might be, you’re getting your ass handed to you.  Veve proves just how incredible she is by taking King down and working him over with a variety of pro and amateur style locks, and vicious scissorholds.  Young King has never been twisted in so many positions and he has no answer for Veve’s non-stop assault.  In one vintage 4 minute sequence, Veve rolls King into a pin with a banana split, then into an upside-down Kata Gatame (arm choke,) then she deftly sits right on his face, and then cooly maneuvers him into a sitting lotus.  There’s a few moments of Veve sticking her foot right in King’s face and then she pins him once again in a classic Chicken Wing to Reverse Figure 4 scissor!  It’s unbelievable!  While King is locked in he has the audacity to ask “Is that all you got?” To which Veve replies, “That is a question you probably don’t want answered!” Then while incredibly pissed off for the remaining 4 minutes, Veve dials up King’s punishment starting with submitting him with a positively brutal reverse scissor. You can actually hear King’s breath leave his soon to be vanquished lungs.  Veve’s also an expert at trash talk, and she verbally abuses King throughout.  Holds of note in this 14 minute offering include: takedown, head scissor, figure 4, front head scissor, front figure 4, grapevine, schoolgirl pin, both front and rear facesitting, chicken wing, spladle, reverse head scissor, reverse figure 4, some other holds we don’t know the names of lol, and victory pose.  Veve is still the Queen of mixed wrestling and she proves it once again on Utopia.  Enjoy!



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