Ava Simone Erases Ed!

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Ava Simone Erases Ed!


By now fans of Utopia know sexy session wrestler Ava Simone very well. This muscular blonde beauty sports 26″ thighs and 17″ calves along with a Squeeze-O-Meter™ press of 337lbs.! Side note: the Squeeze-O-Meter™ only registers to 340lbs., so she very nearly bottomed it out. What people may not know, is just how much Ava really likes to mix it up. If you want something more sensual, she can deliver, however if you want to wrestle more competitively, she will give you the scrap of your life. Ed was complaining after a couple of scissor videos that he was tired of one-sided matches and wanted a chance to really wrestle against Ava. Naturally Ava was game, but when a mere male tells Ava they want to wrestle competitively, you better put on your “bigboy pants,” because Ava is all business. What really sets Ava off in this contest? After the first submission in which Ava conquers Ed via a vicious rear naked choke, Ed dives in on Ava and hits her chin with his head. From that point on, Ava was pissed and literally mauls Ed. He tries to defend himself, but in the end, Ava proves too much woman for Ed to handle! Punishing wrestling and grappling holds of note are: rear naked choke, body scissor, front scissor, triangle, arm bar, armpit choke, straddle, camel clutch, boston crab, and other holds we don’t even have the names of .. lol. Tons of HOM because Ava loves to toy wwth her victims with all types of sexy smothers. UTCS-87, Ava Simone Erases Ed is 10.5 minutes of gorgeous Ava dominating and dismantling Ed in mixed mat wrestling. Enjoy!


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