Ashley Wildcat Tames Nick!

Ashley Wildcat Tames Nick!


Duration: 87 minutes

Ashley Wildcat comes to Utopia and produces MW-87, Ashley Wildcat Tames Nick! Ashley is tall, slender, beautiful and the last woman you would think could kick your ass. We thought we would have to teach this ‘model’ how to do a scissorhold. Boy were we wrong! Ashley is the real deal! Not only does she know every hold in the book, she has the strength and speed to carry out her wrestling agenda. Which is … to totally humiliate anyone who dares get on the mat against her. Ashley loves to lay down the smack talk. She knows everyone underestimates her strength and skill, so when she gets you in the next debilitating hold and squeezes the bejesus out of you, she giggles and says ‘I know, right?’ Her legs are really long and with that comes leverage and power. She lifts her hips, clenches her ass cheeks and straightens her legs completely, to make her scissors unbearable! Then she starts snapping her legs to induce panic! Ashley is the wrestling Energizer Bunny! In the first 5 minutes alone she throws Nick down and before he knows what hit him, she has him in a front jaw-cracker scissor. Then a body scissor, chokehold, schoolgirl pin, classic figure 4, reverse headscissor, reverse figure 4 and then she pinned him with a real cradle. It’s unbelievable! Nick is completely overwhelmed, and then there is 22 more minutes of wrestling ass-whipping to go! Panic etched on his face, Ashley forces Nick to tap and scream his submission many times. There are several scissors of every type in this one including: classic scissors, classic 4’s, reverse headscissors, reverse 4’s, standing scissors, an upside down reverse headscissor, figure 4 body scissors, jaw-crackers, grapevine, full nelson, foot choke, schoolgirl pins, cross body pin, real cradle pins, facesitting and some flexing! In other words, Ashley Wildcat completely dominates Nick with nearly every hold she could think of! In the end Nick begs his submission with tears welled up in his eyes from the intense scissoring he has endured. Ashley stands over his defeated, limp carcass flexing her long lean arms in a classic victory pose. MW-87, Ashley Wildcat Tames Nick features excellent lighting and camerawork, with some excellent close-ups. It’s 27 minutes offered in true HD. Enjoy!

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