Aliyah’s Breath Control Lessons!

Aliyah’s Breath Control Lessons!


(13 Mins. )

Aliyah Taylor (Formerly known as Scar) is a sexy female bodybuilder with man crushing legs and an ass to die for! She’s a veteran of session wrestling and videos and in the last several years has become a master of facesitting as well. We are proud of the fact that Scar’s very first wrestling shoot was with Utopia Entertainment!  Who knew all those year’s ago we helped create a living wrestling legend!  In UTCS-211, Aliyah’s Breath Control Lessons, Aliyah’s friend King is practicing for his Lifeguard test.  However, the one aspect he is struggling with is holding his breath. Aliyah knows just how to raise the bar (so to speak) by lowering that world class ass and delectable snatch right on King’s face!   Thus begins his first lesson. Aliyah grinds her “cookie” right on King’s face repeatedly. But when King tries to sneak a gasp of air, Aliyah puts him in some absolutely grueling scissorholds.  Aliyah is a master of keeping her victim’s in the woozy zone and every time she feels King might pass out, she switches to a new hold or facesit … training and humiliating her built friend.  Holds of note include: several facesits, classic, front, body and reverse scissors, HOM smothering and brutal figure 4 leg chokes in classic and reverse as well.  You won’t know if you should feel sorry for young King, or wish you could take his place!  Can he survive Aliyah’s Breath Control Lessons?  Check out the video to find out.  Enjoy!


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