Accomplished pro & amateur wrestlers Dez Desire, and newcomer to Utopia Carmella Lee meet inside the squared circle. They've wrestled inside the ring before and have a genuine dislike for one another. It took us 1/2 a year to set this up because the 2 women and their representatives insisted on an impartial ref and a neutral location. But the hard work paid off because UTCS-98, Dez Desire vs. Carmella Lee is a classic ring battle that features all the pageantry of being in an actual arena, including entrances to music and a referee to frisk the women for foreign objects, explain the rules, and generally keep the peace as much as possible. Our 2 competitive beauties face off, then energetically trade tons of classic pro style moves and holds including many takedowns, airplane spins, camel clutch, full nelson, sleeper, body slams and near pins. But soon the women's contempt for each other leads to tons of dirty tactics as each rake the others' eyes, stomp, kick, chop, choke, clothesline, and punch the other. The Ref tries to separate them from choking each other out at the end, but of course they don't and he can't separate them either, leading to a double disqualification. That's when the 2 (would be) enemies team up together and send the Ref crashing to the mat: which is the theme in Part 2, coming soon! Check out the sample 1-minute montage clip, this is a mere taste of the non-stop action contained in UTCS-98, Dez Desire vs. Carmella Lee Enjoy! UTCS-97, New Owner Get's Owned