Many fans have written to us to feature more Muscle Worship. So we invited the Reigning Queen of worship to shoot with us, none other than IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Ripped Reiley!   In Worshipping Reilly All  (Both UTCS-149 Parts 1 & 2) Reiley came in living up to her reputation, ripped to shreds, with nearly 15" biceps, 26" quads and 15" calves.  Because this is Utopia, we asked her to scissor and facesit Ed as well. And, even though she was hesitant at first and wasn't sure she would like it, she indulged us, and low and behold, she really enjoyed it.  All she needed to get going was a little technique and she proved to be a natural.  As we start, Reiley flexes for Ed and lets him completely kiss and caress all of her, including her massive breasts and round, hard ass.  Then she lays him down for some awesome reverse head scissoring.  Then she mounts his face for some smother worship!  Slowly and sensuously grinding back and forth, up and down and side to side.  We didn't know if we should be jealous of Ed, or see if he was alive, lol.  Then, lucky Ed gets another dose of Reiley's sexy brand of scissoring, muscle worship and facesitting, when she gets behind Ed and pulverizes his skull with a 7 minute long head scissor / figure 4 sequence. Flexing dominantly whenever possible, Reiley physically and verbally shows Ed who is in control.  When she releases the scissor, she straddles Ed's chest and puts her cookie right up under his chin.  She takes his hands and places them right on her rack, and makes him worship her massive tits and huge biceps.  Then it's time for "Something to really remember her by," as she erases Ed's face with all of her gifts.  Reiley humps Ed's face hard for nearly 2 full minutes. Gyrating, flexing, feeling herself up and pumping Ed for all he's worth.  The camera fades out as Reiley is still firmly mounted on top of Ed.  If you're a facesitting, muscle worship and scissoring fan, you'll LOVE Worshipping Reilly!    TRT 25.5 minutes, and specially discounted for only $19.95, enjoy!