Ever since we shot Jolene (the Valkyrie) Hexx vs. Tia from Hungary, it has been one of the most requested female vs. female matches over the last few years. After all, American Jolene has been an LFC champion, and Tia is legendary as one of the best Hungarian female wrestlers. On paper Tia has the advantage because she has double the wrestling experience over Jolene. Even though both women are 5'8", Tia weighed in at 158 to Jolene's 135. But just like the old saying, "that's why they play the games!" Tia is much more tactical and cerebral in the way she approaches a wrestling match. Jolene is much more unconventional and I think her balls-to-the-wall, energetic style catches Tia a little by surprise. Even though Tia wins the first submission, Jolene learned right away she could compete and picks it up a level I don't think she knew she had. These 2 wrestling session beauties engage in a spirited contest, trading many different holds and submissions with tons of scissors and sexy struggle throughout. Who wins? Check out Jolene (the Valkyrie) Hexx vs. Tia from Hungary today to find out. Enjoy!