Syclone is a beautiful, built, 23 year old blonde with possibly the best pair of genetically gifted legs on the planet! I mean thick, muscular, slabs of concrete with calves in the 16" range. When she walks down the street in her daisy dukes, every single head turns (including women) to watch in awe as her legs pound the pavement. Syclone is not humble though, and she was smack-talking Lance all day, which lead to UTCS-121, Syclone vs. Lance! Lance is much bigger and heavier, but once Syclone gets him in her scissorhold, she saps his energy and strength. Syclone practiced the Brazilian martial art Capoeira for years which included takedowns and ground grappling, so she knows how to get you down and then maneuver you into her deadly vice. Once trapped, it's beg to be released or say goodnight! Holds of note include grapevine, body scissor, head scissor, figure 4, front head scissor, front figure 4, reverse head scissor, reverse scissor 4, and a front triangle choke in which Lance desperately tries to free himself before Syclone nearly knocks him out. Dressed in a sexy checkered bikini with blue trim, Syclone is really proud of her biceps too, so she flexes over lance all match whenever she gets dominant position. Check out sexy Syclone whipping up on Lance today!   TRT 21 minutes, enjoy!