Foxxy Squeeze  is just as her name implies. An ultra-sexy German woman who will scissor you up, down and sideways. An accomplished female bodybuilder, Foxxy has taken to session wrestling in Germany and loves to mix it up, both competitively and her specialty, scissors!  In UTCS-210, Sexy Scissors with Foxxy Squeeze,  her session client (Rudy) has given her permission to video them for 10 minutes as an aside to their own scissor session. Foxxy has gorgeous, tan, (tatted) silky smooth skin, and she loves to wrap her thick powerful thighs and gargantuan calves around this special session client.  Those man-eaters are 24" and her calves are round and shapely in the 15" range.  She is a facesitting goddess, and plants her gorgeous, firm ass right on his face to smother and humiliate him.  She turns the lucky man bright red in several scissors including, classic, figure four, front, front figure 4, reverse, reverse figure 4, judo scissor, side scissor, facesit and grapevine. Dressed in a skimpy, thong-back, white, lace, teddy, Foxxy Squeeze flexes and shows off her hot, gym-trained bod, for our lucky fans.  To our knowledge this is only the 2nd clip ever produced of Ms Foxxy Squeeze scissoring that's ever been made public.  Enjoy!