IFBB Pro Wellness competitor Amazonka S returns to Utopia to ride our man King's face!  When she's not riding it, she's crushing it between her massive, rock-hard gams.  In UTCS-226, Amazonka S Rides King, Amazonka enters the bedroom where King is already shackled. She immediately climbs on and begins to front facesit the buff dude and take selfies. Then she transitions to a reverse scissor and punishes him. She completely engulfs his head in a reverse facesit, before again crushing the daylights from him in a reverse scissor and reverse scissor 4.  Then she obliterates his face once again by grinding and smothering him for 4 straight minutes with both front facing and reverse facsitting.  Lastly, she polishes him off with a grueling reverse scissor and some nice long squeezes, where you can literally see her muscles trembling from the pressure.  Amazonka S is a rare treat and the only place you'll see her scissoring is on UtopiaEntertainment.com.  Enjoy!