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  • MMA Roxy Whips Zac!

    12 Mins. $11.95
    MMA Roxy aka Roxy D. Luffy is a legit BJJ and MMA competitor from Italy now training and living in the UK. She recently decided to show off her skills in some wrestling videos, and we are lucky enough to present her to you. As of now, she is not participating in sessions, but who knows what the future will bring. She definitely is made of the right stuff as she loves to dominate and talk smack while scissoring and grappling men into humbling submission. Roxy is compact and strong at 5'3" and 121 lbs., and literally knows every hold and counter in the book. In UTCS-227, MMA Roxy whips Zac, Roxy has contracted to make a custom video for Utopia (this very video.) But Zac is spent after a whole day of wrestling against Roxy and is now playing video games. He says "Fuck Kip, fuck Utopia, and fuck you too" right to Roxy's face. That's all she needs to hear and she drags Zac to the mat for another wrestling smackdown! Holds of note include: arm drag takedown, front triangle choke, reverse triangle choke, arm bar, ankle choke, arm choke, head scissor, figure 4, body scissor, reverse head scissor, aerial side scissor, front scissor, and victory pose. About half way through, Roxy gets a little more comfortable and peels off her top, revealing a beautiful set of all natural (pierced) breasts. We're sure you'll love watching MMA Roxy whips Zac, Enjoy!
  • Ms Nika vs. Bert!

    11.75 Mins. $10.95
    Ms Nika is a beautiful Ukrainian dominatrix and wrestler living in Italy.  She is statuesque and fit at 5'9" and 150lbs. Also very athletic, Ms Nika loves to face men on the mat and humiliate them at their own game!  In UTCS-203, Ms Nika vs. Bert, she takes down Bert and expertly maneuvers him into hold after excruciating hold and makes him tap (we counted) 45 times in this 12 minute video.  Often frantically, Bert told us he was on the verge of passing out many times.  Her scissors and chokes are downright brutal and when Nika makes Bert submit to her, she doesn't let him go right away, rather she loosens up a bit and then clamps right back down.  He's forced to tap over and over or suffer the consequences.  Her front scissor is her specialty (as is her rear naked choke,) but when she gets the front scissor on him, you can see her face light up in pure glee, as she knows she has him completely trapped and helpless.  She could do anything she wants to him in these moments and she loves the feeling of power she has over him.  Holds of note include: takedown, head scissor, figure 4, triangle choke, rear naked choke, straddle, schoolgirl pin, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, facesit, side scissor and her punishing front scissor.  Ms Nika is amazing as she's right here on Utopia. TRT 12 minutes, enjoy!
  • Cypruss Allure is a beautiful, skilled Judoka who takes no prisoners on the mat. She's put on about 17 lbs of muscle since we first met her, so her combination of skill, strength and size make it nearly impossible for her opponent to escape when she gets on top. Possessing amazing balance, Cypruss now combines that with 25" tree trunk thighs!  Derrick is roughly 7" taller and 33 lbs. heavier but she proves once again, "size isn't everything!" Derrick has been embarrassed by Cypruss before, so in UTCS-119, Cypruss Allure Dismantles Derrick, he comes out determined to get at least one fall on her, but it takes her about 1 minute to take him down and submits him in an arm bar.  The rest of the match, Cypruss puts Derrick in a variety of Judo holds, throws, locks and submissions totally dismantling our young victim. Wearing her traditional judo gi, with her brown belt and bare legs, Derrick says midway through, "She's definitely earned that belt she's wearing!"  You'll love watching Cypruss Allure completely dominate Derrick on the mat.  TRT 17.5 minutes, enjoy!


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