reverse facesitting

  • Kick-ass wrestlers Bianca Blance and Sunni Ray have ganged up on hapless victims quite a few times and have wrestled against each a few times as well. They are polar opposites. Bianca is an exotic, shredded, dark-haired Italian, and Sunni Ray is a voluptuous, Blonde, fair beauty from Texas. Their personalities are different too. Bianca is emotional and fiery, Sunni Ray, laid back and level-headed. After the 2 ganged up on Nick in "Closet Creeper Crush," Bianca accuses Sunni Ray of not trying hard enough and tells Sunni she needs to prove herself by wrestling against Bianca again. Challenge accepted! S unni Ray and Bianca take off their tops and wrestle topless, trading holds until one women comes out on top!  Lastly, Bianca is both pissed off and turned on by Sunni Ray, so she goes right up to Sunni and plants a passionate kiss right on her lips, that leaves her stunned, and wanting more.  "It's Time to Prove Yourself Sunni Ray" is 10.5 minutes in length.  See the clip and get Bianca's and Sunni Ray's direct contact information. Enjoy!  
  • Beautiful session wrestler and catfighter, Sunni Ray has been honing her scissor "craft" recently and has become somewhat of a knockout artist. Since knockouts (and Sunni Ray) are both very popular, we figured it was time to showcase Sunni Ray doing her thing! And since this is Utopia, we told Sunni Ray to spice it up a bit with some facesitting, muscle and foot worship too ... literally "go to town!" So in-between brutal scissoring, Sunni plants that ultra-fine ass of hers right on our masked friend and practically snuffs him out by smothering him while flexing. Sunni Ray begins by placing her victim at the foot off the bed and reverse scissors him. This serves as a warm-up just to let him know how much trouble he's really facing. Then she turns around and places him high and tight in a standing front scissor. She begins to really get into it here as there's a mirror just outside of our view that Sunni can pose into. When she releases him she pushes him further onto the bed and begins the first of 3 facesitting segments. Sunni has a world-class ass and she knows how to use it to completely smother her prey. Now it's KO time, but all of a sudden her victim is getting a cold neck, lol. He protests but Sunni forcefully snugs his chin right up in her ass crack and cranks it to him. 15 seconds later, he's in REM sleep for the first of 8 or 9 knockouts within the next 10 minutes. Sunni matter-of-factly toys with him like a kitten with a ball of yarn for the rest of this awesome clip, knocking him out at will. There is several moments of sheer panic from our victim as Sunni completes one knockout, then ruthlessly pulls him in for another as soon as he wakes up. Check out UTCS-238, Sunni Ray's Knockout Fest and get Sunni's contact info at the end, so you can have the dream session of your own. Enjoy!


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