Roseanne Blackburn Desmarais was a Canadian pro bodybuilder, Canadian national champion wrestler, amateur boxer, Toughman competitor and MMA fighter. Her amazing life was cut short in a tragic car accident in 2010. The footage in this video is some of the last ever taken of this amazing woman, also in 2010. Truthfully, we struggled over the years if we should ever release this match or not. However, sometimes these dilemma's have a way of working themselves out, and for some reason we have fielded 6 emails regarding Roseanne in the last 6 weeks. So we figured it was finally time to edit this one and release it. Roseanne is one of the fiercest competitors, and highly skilled athletes and wrestlers on our site. Dominick is no stranger to wrestling, but within 5 seconds of being on the mat against her, he became totally intimidated by her. Roseanne didn't care and puts a hurting on Dominick that he still remembers to this day. Takedown after takedown, submission after submission, pin after pin, and scissor after scissor, Roseanne completely wipes the mat with Dominick. A few times during the match it look like out-classed Dominick was actually going to cry. As he begins to wilt, Roseanne looked fresh as a daisy and began to pour it on. Roseanne truly puts on a mixed wrestling exhibition for the ages. "Remembering Roseanne" ... fondly we might add! Enjoy!