Tina Trap Queen is a tall, beautiful, figure competitor with an incredible upper body. Full, hard biceps, triceps, delts, lats, pecs and oh yes, traps! She loves to flex and she loves to pose for men lucky enough to session with this gorgeous woman. She just started sessioning and she has been practicing her scissorholds every chance she gets. She told us she gets asked all the time if she could make a man submit in her scissors. To which she always replies, "my legs are pretty strong too, wanna see?!" Always the opportunist, Kip heard the story, and made a video out of it right away. As we open Tina is flexing and talking right into the camera, and telling her story. Steve is already underneath her in a pussy choke straddle and the fun begins. Front scissors, standing front scissor, standing reverse scissor, grapevine, hip thrusts, breast smother, tons of flexing and muscle worship follow. Please enjoy UTCS-244 "My legs are Strong Too!" 18 minutes in length.  See the clip and get Tina's contact information at the end. Enjoy!