Tina Trap Queen is a tall, statuesque figure competitor with one of the finest physiques ever to put a man in a scissorhold. Beautiful, engaging, lean, muscular and powerful, this is Tina's first ever REAL scissor video. Oh she's dabbled once or twice the last couple of years, but at Utopia we taught her some technique and turned her loose on Eddie Paradise. In UTCS-136, Turn Out the Lights, The Party's Over, Tina and Ed come back from an all night party. Ed was flirting with another woman named Tina all night and when Ed tells Tina that "Tina is pretty," Tina climbs on Ed to teach him a lesson in fidelity and respect. This video contains only 4 holds, the throat scissor, the throat figure 4, the reverse scissor and the reverse figure 4. Tina expertly applies each one with Adam's apple crushing intensity, and you can witness Ed's distorted grimace each time she bears down. Tina really got into the role-play (we must have struck a nerve with our story line) as her verbal beatdown of Ed is incredible. She tells him as he's scissored up, "I could snap your neck," "I could end you," and "I feel like you're gonna pop right between my legs and I fucking love it!"  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  Kip captures the action as only he can, and what we get is a fantastic, leggy, muscle girl, putting a disrespecting male in his rightful place ... in-between her crushing thighs! Check out the preview clip to Turn Out the Lights, the Party's Over.  TRT 13 minutes, enjoy!