Unless you've been hiding under a mixed wrestling rock some place, you undoubtedly know of one of the hottest women in wrestling. I'm speaking of course about Bianca Blance!  Bianca is an all natural, incredibly sexy, wrestling babe from Italy and she showed up to the shoot in unbelievable shape, with a wasp-like, 6-pack core!  Masked behind her incredibly hot body, is an intelligent woman with a sharp wit, and genuine acting ability. Couple that with boundless amounts of energy and enthusiasm, and you get a small picture of who Bianca is as a person.  What we have come to know about her, is if you have an idea for a video that she can get behind, OMG, sit back and watch it play out.  Such is the case with "UTCS-172, Intruder Alert!"  When we approached her with the idea, she was all in, and this has quickly become one of our favorite videos in our 30 year history!  This video is HOT and we're not just saying that. It has essentially 2 scenes, one in a bedroom and one in a shower.  This is the story about what might happen when a night stalker enters the wrong woman's bedroom.  When he awakens her from her sleep, he unleashes a wildcat.  Scissor after mesmerizing scissor all delivered with savage, break neck speed, intensity velocity and force.  We're talking scissor slams, scissor snaps, front, reverse, classic, standing, facesitting and flexing.  Our dude Steve is also along for the ride too and he told us afterward he was literally frightened of what might happen next!  At one point after nearly knocking him out, she says "are you dizzy?"  When she takes him into the bathroom, she strips him down to his skivvies and reverse scissors him right on the floor before taking him into the shower for more scissoring and facesitting before she completely knocks him out in a brutal classic scissor.  Then she orgasms right on the back of his neck!  Finally a video as hot as Bianca and one for the ages, is this weeks offering on UtopiaEntertainment.com.  Enjoy!