Dez Desire returns to Utopia in a ring custom clip entitled UTCS-113, Dez Desire Levels Lance! Dez and Lance meet in the squared circle with a million dollars (winner take all) as the prize.  Lance doesn't want to fight a girl, so he tries to get Dez to forego the match and split the purse with him.  Dez is cocky and knows she can give the chauvanist all he bargained for, so she is willing to get it on and with that she hauls off and sucker punches him.  Lance hits the canvas and it's match on!  From there it's a non-stop 20 minute beatdown with, stomps, kicks, slaps, punches, elbows as well as some excellent wrestling and grappling submission holds including: scissors, guillotine, choke, arm lock, triangle, Boston Crab and more.  In the end Dez completely knocks Lance to the canvas with a devastating roundhouse kick to the jaw.  If your a fan of beatdowns from one of the most talented mixed fighters in the world, then Dez Desire Levels Lance is a must view! Check out the preview clip to Dez Desire Levels Lance here.  TRT 19.5 minutes, enjoy!