IFBB Pro Fitness woman Misfit Layla Mikayla returns to Utopia with her shredded physique and torturous scissorholds. In UTCS-111, Scissoring Him Senseless, Her boyfriend Steve rents them a hotel room in NYC to chill for the weekend. Problem is, like so many hotel suites in NYC, this one does not have enough room for Layla to properly stretch. But what really sets Layla off, is when she is asking Steve to get them a bigger room, Steve tells her he "Doesn't have time for her senseless drivel." That's when Misfit Layla tell him she's "going to scissor him senseless!" Layla gets behind Steve and straps on her brutal head scissor. Her legs are lean, striated and solid slabs of concrete. She's able to bite right into his carotid artery at the same time she smashes his ears right into his skull. It's one of the most painful and paralyzing scissorholds on the planet, and leaves no hope of escape. Then she pulls him higher into her thighs, crosses one leg under the other and leans back to unleash her jaw-cracking figure 4. Layla's calf muscle is right under his chin collapsing his Adam's apple, while making it hard for him to breathe and talk. Then she turns around for a reverse side scissor and side scissor 4 sequence. The crushing force she can wield from this position is staggering. Layla sexily writhes on the couch flexing and verbally demeaning him. She tells him you have 2 choices, get us a new room, or "I knock you the fuck out!" Which choice do you think Steve makes?  TRT 13 minutes, enjoy!