Lyndsay the Muscle Tease has a well earned reputation as one of the sexiest fitness women in mixed wrestling. Lyndsay is not only strikingly beautiful, but her tan, curvaceous, muscular physique makes most men weak in the knees. This is undoubtedly why she's so good at mixed wrestling. When you face her on the mat and look at the luscious, bikini clad woman you're about to tangle with, all you can think about is being scissored in-between her creamy thighs. Here, gorgeous Lyndsay faces John in another rendition of "Holy Shit, this Woman Can Really Wrestle!" Lyndsay wants to prove she's more than just a pretty face, so she athletically woman-handles John from the start. She'll be the first to admit she "makes it up as she goes along," but you won't care that her technique isn't perfect. The truth is, Lyndsay's strong as an ox and naturally faster than he is, so she's able to trap him in scissor after scissor and crush him into submission many times. Holds of note include many takedowns, classic head scissor, classic figure 4, front scissor, front figure 4, side scissor, side figure 4, body scissor, calf scissor, standing scissor, grapevine, choke, and there's even a couple of dirty tactics as Lyndsay bites him and pulls his hair while the ref wasn't looking. Well, maybe he was. Muscle Tease has a really quick wit, and it's always entertaining to hear what sexy smack talk might come out of her mouth next. She's cute, often funny, and flirtatious at the same time. Muscle Tease loves to show off her gym built bod in the tiniest bikini's known to mankind, so she displays it all including her trademark 6 pack, in an slinky thong while she scissors and flexes her awesome biceps throughout. Squeeze to tease and please is Lindsay's motto and in MW-133, Lyndsay the Muscle Tease vs. John she makes good once again!  Enjoy!