KO  vs Bianca Part 2, "The Scissor Battle" picks up where part 1 left off with KO earning a tap on Bianca.  Her victory is short-lived however as the Italian wrestling babe is angry.  She feels her legs are every bit as strong as KO, so she sets out to prove it.  The 2 wrestlers square off in leg wrestling, then a classic scissor battle, seeing who can get the other woman to tap.  They trade off holds, thigh scissor each other, head scissor each other, and even dueling, double reverse head scissors.  At one point KO traps Bianca in a vicious body scissor, but Bianca turns the tables and captures KO in a powerful "hangman" reverse figure 4 scissor. K and Bianca are 2 of the worlds best session wrestlers and this entertaining battle for the ages features 2 sexy women at the top of their wrestling game!  TRT 12.5 minutes, enjoy! Watch the preview clip here!