Jessika Bond is a 5'6", 181 lbs. Canadian national bodybuilding powerhouse! She has massive muscles and loves to squeeze men into gurgling submission. Jim is a cocky shit, and a veteran of 100's of mixed wrestling videos, yet he hardly says a word in UTCS-118, Jessika Bond Returns!  He was scared beyond belief that just one twitch of Jessika's gargantuan thighs would snap his chicken neck. He just hangs on and tries to survive the ride. We'll give Jim his props because Jessika does not go light. She loves to press harder and harder with each squeeze until he has no choice but to tap his painful submission. Torturous holds of note include: hip-thrusting grapevine, body scissor, head scissor, figure 4, standing head scissor, front scissor, reverse scissor, and her infamous "Jaw-cracker" throat scissor that has to be seen to be believed. Lastly Jessika stands triumphant in a classic double bicep victory pose.  Jessika loves to flex her huge biceps as she squeezes him senseless and she has him all but out, many times.  Do this day whenever we call Jim to do a video he asks, "It's not Jessika Bond is it?"  What do you think he's getting at? Check out the preview clip to Jessika Bond Returns here.   TRT 18 minutes, enjoy!