During the filming of UTCS-175, The Scissor Squad Part 2, Sheena executes a one-arm shoulder throw (Ippon Seoinage) on Steve, sending him crashing to the mat.  Afterwards Bianca Blance asked Sheena if she would teach her how to do that, and the idea for this video was born. These 2 women have become great friends and Sheena is more than happy to turn Bianca into more of a badass than she already is. First Sheena and Bianca take turns lifting Flavio onto their shoulders and do squats as a warm up, then Sheena demonstrates the one-arm shoulder throw (Ippon Seoinage) throw on Flavio.  Then Bianca takes her turn, and they do it a few times until she has it right.  Sheena shows Bianca how to execute 2 more throws as well.  A pro wrestling "Monkey flip," and a traditional wrestling "Fireman's Carry."  The 2 women carry each throw to the mat and show some possibilities of holds they can apply on the ground so there are a few short holds demonstrated as well. Armbar, reverse scissor, and reverse figure 4.  A true one-of-a-kind clip only from UtopiaEntertainment.com  TRT 14 minutes, enjoy!