Boxer/Wrestler extraordinaire Hotstuff Hollie returns to Utopia in another boxing and wrestling extravaganza! Dominick saw our last video with Hollie where she knocked Glenn around, and somehow comes to the conclusion that he wanted a piece of her too. So when Hollie came to Pittsburgh we drove down to se her and arranged this match. This is truly in the category of "Be careful what you wish for," because after absorbing several mean body shots that would have felled a trucker, Hollie rang Dominick up with a few well placed blows to the head and he was "out on his feet." Hollie wasted no time taking him to the mat where she submits him with a few vicious scissorholds. In round 2 it's more of the same, but this time Hollie knocked Dominick to the mat for a 10 count. She was merciful and let him rest for a few, before coming back for round 3, mat wrestling. Dominick has just had the stuffing knocked out of him and Hollie takes advantage. She may be diminutive in size, but her strength, skill and stamina are world class. It's all Dominick can do to mount a defense against Hollie's non-stop assault, but alas this day and match belongs to Hollie! Scissors and chokes of several varieties and positions has Dominick tapping many times as Hollie proves "it's not the size of the woman in the fight, but the size of the fight in the woman."  TRT 33 minutes, enjoy!