half nelson

  • VeVe Lane, returns to Utopia to take on our big guy King, in another installment of "Holy Shit, This Woman Can Really Wrestle!" However, after about 7.5 minutes of turning King inside out, upside down, and every which way but loose, Veve turns to the camera and says "Kip, we're gonna call this the bigger they are, the harder they fall!" And then she proceeds to dominate him for another 6 minutes on top of that! So it goes, King probably has Veve on pure strength, but when pitted against her on the mat, he couldn't mount much of a defense. Veve throws a ton of sophisticated wrestling moves on the young man and he spends much of his time grunting from the shear force of her paralyzing holds and scissors, or tapping out. In the last 2 minutes alone, Veve captures King in a full nelson. But then she deftly holds both his arms with one of her arms and then reaches around him for an HOM smother. Then she pulls him back ensnaring his ribs with a vicious body scissor. King is stretched out, can't breathe, and she's squeezing what little air he had, right out of him. It's awesome! UTCS-225, The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall" is 14.5 minutes in length, enjoy!
  • There's something incredibly sexy about a beautiful, athletically gifted young woman who can genuinely woman-handle and pin a man flat to his back in real wrestling.  Sweet Mandy was filmed when she was at the tender age of 19. True Story: Mandy's father is a wrestling coach in Ohio and her brother has competed in the Ohio High School State Tournament 4 straight years, placing 2nd two years in a row.  So she comes from a legit wrestling family and has lived and breathed wrestling and gymnastics most of her life.   Fresh from 14 years of competitive gymnastics and 8-10 years of wrestling against boys in Jr. High and High School, Mandy was bored with the modeling gigs she was getting and decided she wanted to show off a bit.  Lucky us, we were in the right place at the right time and here she is!   Some of this has leaked out over the years, but never the entire shoot, and never in Full HD.   John has been a jobber for us on and off over the years, and he actually wrestled when he was in Jr. High and High.   UTCS-159, Sweet Mandy is  a cool match because John legit goes after Mandy.  We were impressed by John, because even after it was clear he was overmatched and outclassed, he kept coming.  Alas, Mandy's superior conditioning and skill took over and John suffers a humiliating defeat at the hands of this beautiful and talented young lady, as so many others have before him.  Our ref needed a little work, so forgive him, but you'll hear him counting.  This isn't how many seconds she has him pinned to the mat, rather how many seconds he has his shoulder blades exposed to the mat in a "near pin."  It's a way of determining if a near pin is worth 2 or 3 points.  We counted 14 near falls and 12 pins in this 14.5 minute, action-packed video.   Simply astonishing! UTCS-159, Sweet Mandy is being specially priced at $10.95 because some of this had been posted long ago in the Utopia Members Area and 4 short clips are contained in UTCS-53, Mandy's Highlight Reel.  Enjoy!
  • Lilli is best known as a pro level female bodybuilder originally from China.  However, strength training in bodybuilder was necessary to compete at the highest levels in her first sports: Wrestling and Judo, where Lilli became the Chinese National champion in both.  Strikingly pretty in person, and at 5'2" and 140lbs dripping wet, you might think you'd have your way with young Lilli on the mat.  But once the match starts, and as your being thrown to your back, you immediately realize you're dead meat!  Lilli is quick as a cat, strong as an ox, and knows every hold, throw and counter in both Judo and wrestling.  We learned at the shoot, she'd been training in MMA as well, so Lilli is both beautiful and deadly!  Indeed, she threw a few fake punches as Duncan when she was holding him captive, or right after a throw, to let him know she could literally pummel him if she desired.  In China a reverse scissor is allowed if the ankles aren't completely locked.  So in Lilli vs. Duncan, not only is Duncan being pinned conventionally, he spends a fair amount of time (with Lilli in reverse) hopelessly trapped between Lilli's massive, muscular gams.   And, because this is Utopia we told Lilli it's OK to cross your ankles and squeeze, so she is happy to oblige and poor Duncan gets crushed to the brink many times.  Duncan is actually an accomplished wrestler and is 8" taller and 35lbs heavier, so he actually proved to be pretty slippery at times,  escaping from Lilli and even almost pinning her once, if the ref was actually doing his job.  But alas, in the end, having been thrown around "like a ragdoll" for most of the match Duncan is forced to admit defeat. Check out the sample clip, this is a mere taste of what's contained in this video.  MW-147 Lilli vs. Duncan is an old school mixed wrestling video, with genuine throws, holds and pins that you won't see anywhere else but Utopia!   TRT 26 minutes, enjoy!


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