Lilly Ice is a beautiful, natural athlete who grew up competing in many sports and then went on to compete in the Lingerie Football League, and now the Lingerie Fighting Championships.  This former Playboy model loves to take on, and dominate men as a session wrestler in the Vegas area.  In UTCS-140, The Next Dude I See ..., Lilly has had multiple cancellations in the same week. The last of which sends her into "freak-out" territory, as she claims "The next dude I see, I'm beating their ass! Wouldn't you know it, in walks maintenance man Steve who is there to change the air conditioning filter.  Lilly pounces on him, taking all her frustrations out on the unsuspecting worker. Lilly knees him in the stomach which sends Steve to the ground where she captures him in an aerial side scissor and side figure 4, a grinding grapevine where Lilly also smothers Steve, a 4+ minute long, leg snapping front scissor and front figure 4, and an inverted "standing" reverse scissors, and some awesome facesitting where lovely Lilly literally and figuratively takes Steve's breathe away.  Lilly has become a fan favorite and this brand new sexy role-play is just another reason why she's so popular.  TRT 12.5 minutes, enjoy!  Free to Members of Utopia until 12-11-21. Enjoy!