Some time ago we shot a few videos with beautiful young dominatrix, Goddess Amadahy. However, before we could actually release any of them she tragically passed away. Therefore we stashed them in the archives. Recently however, we have received so many emails from fans asking about Goddess Amadahy's videos, that it became impossible to ignore any longer. Out of anything we have of her, we figured this is the tribute to Amadahy that needs to come out first! When Goddess Amadahy entered the Utopia studio that day and was introduced to our big dude Glenn, she walked right up to him about 4 inches from his nose and said "you're ass is mine!" And when the lights came on and the video started, boy did she make good on her threat. MW-135, Awesome Amadahy, Glenn's first taps came at about 12 seconds. In fact we've shot a lot of videos with Glenn over the years and I have never seen him tap so much as against Amadahy. She has him barely conscious on quite a few occasions, and has him "out on his feet," where we had to stop tape and give him a break. Then at the end, she knocks his ass out for real. In between, she has him begging her to stop scissoring his neck constantly. We had never before (or since) ever seen him so helpless and I must admit it's a total turn-on to see him get dominated like this. But what makes this video truly a tribute to "Awesome" Goddess Amadahy? We let her dictate the action from start to finish and told her she could do, or say anything she wanted. She totally takes charge and puts on a mixed wrestling show! A complete scissoring clinic while verbally blasting Glenn with her sharp tongue and quick wit. About halfway through, she takes off her top and bares her beautiful natural breasts, and completes Glenn's ass whipping. We get the full, unfiltered, awesome Amadahy in all her gorgeous glory. Enjoy!