In UTCS-150, Enter at Your Own Risk, Goddess Nadia is changing her clothes in her bedroom. Ed knocks on the door and Nadia says "Don't come in I'm changing," but Ed enters anyway. When Nadia sees the shit-eating grin on his face, she gets really pissed and throws Ed onto the bed. Angry and embarrassed is not how you want to see Goddess Nadia after you enter her room, and she unleashes a full-fledged scissor beatdown on Ed. Nadia has legit 16" biceps, enormous thighs in the 28" range, and thick, muscular calves in the 17" range. Unless you're super human, you never want to feel those bad boys encircling your head. Never-the-less Goddess Nadia takes Ed to task with some grueling scissors that few men have ever experienced. Props to Ed, because afterward he told us he had to check to see if he had some fillings loose. No lie, lol. Mind-erasing scissorholds of note include: front scissor, reverse scissor, aerial side scissor, throat scissor, grapevine, classic scissor, classic figure 4 and standing scissor in which Nadia flexes up her gorgeous biceps. Goddess Nadia is one of the most popular women in mixed wrestling and it's easy to see why. She's big, beautiful, blonde, built, strong, skilled, sexy and dominant. TRT 11 minutes, enjoy!