• Just in time for Halloween, ultra-sexy fetish star and session wrestler Lora Cross reprises her role as fighting female video game character Cammy. Dressed in a green thong leotard, red hat, red gloves, and black boots, Lora really embodies Cammy. Lora is a true fitness enthusiast in every sense of the word. Working out in the gym and running nearly every day, Lora's physique is lean and muscular. Her power packed body can easily lift twice her body weight, so tossing around much bigger men is no problem. However, it's her scissorholds that grab her opponents attention, because they come at him from every angle and once she has those sexy gams wrapped around his head or neck, it's tap out or pass out. Lora is famous for her neck snapping scissors, and if he's not in pain already as she squeezes, the jolts of 100% full pressure she inflicts on him certainly are. In UTCS-245, Cammy Returns, Lora (as Cammy) squares off against fighter Ed. There's multiple, punches, kicks, throws, neck-wrenching scissors from every position, and tons of flexing too. Music, graphics and sound effects round out our 2nd rendition of video game character Cammy, played perfectly by muscular Lora Cross!  TRT is 17 minutes in length.  See the clip and get Lora's contact information at the end.  Enjoy!
  • Lora Cross is an all-natural, sexy, Southern, session wrestler babe, with a lean, muscular physique, baseball shaped biceps, 6-pack abs, and a world-class derrière.  She works hard in the gym and runs miles each day to keep her tan, fit, physique in optimum ass kicking shape. Lora loves nothing more than humiliating men with her incredibly strong runner's legs in grueling scissorholds!  In UTCS-200, Lora's Power Bar Punishment, she comes home from working out and her BF has eaten her last protein bar.  After she fishes it out of his lying mouth, she delivers a sexy, savage, scissoring beatdown, highlighted by having him eat something else, her beautifully manicured toes.  Lora is proud of her biceps, and when she flexes over him you know there is about to be a vicious scissor leg snap to accompany it, sending the message that she owns him.  Holds of note include: classic head scissor, figure 4, front scissor, front figure 4, reverse scissor, grapevine, foot worship, side scissor, throat scissor, and fishhook camel clutch.  You'll love watching sexy Lora dressed in a slinky slingshot scissoring Ed.  TRT 10 minutes, enjoy!  The preview clip can be found here.


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