Sexy, buff, bodacious, blonde, Duchess Dani's is an all natural fitness enthusiast, fetish goddess and dominatrix. However, she owes her incredible six pack abs from daily aerial workouts and stretching through Yoga. She attributes her devastating scissorhold to a combination of tensing her muscular core and clenching her glutes simultaneously. In MW-125, I'm Locked in Your Lease, You're Locked in My Scissors, Dani's work situation has changed and she's having trouble making rent payments and has asked her asshole landlord for a discount. Her landlord (played by Duncan) tells her she's "locked in a 2-year lease." When he won't budge at all, Dani wrestles him down to the couch for the first of many dominating head scissors! She tells him, "If I'm locked in your lease, you're locked in my scissors!" Duchess Dani came to Utopia in amazing shape, tan and fit with 24" quads and 14" calves. Half way through, she takes off her top and reveals her spectacular breasts. Dani is at her peak of wrestling prowess and squeezes Duncan in classic head scissors, classic figure 4, front scissors, front scissor 4, reverse head scissors, reverse figure 4, grapevines and some straddles while flexing her sexy biceps. Excellent lighting and camerawork in this Kip feature highlighting beautiful Duchess Dani's incredible body and scissoring prowess. Enjoy!