Dominique came to Utopia when she was only 22 years old ... beautiful, genetically gifted and built beyond her years. Dominique has always had a dominant personality and her favorite pastime growing up? Competing and whipping up on school boys in any athletic endeavor she could think of. Even though she does not consider herself a "wrestler," she admitted that she would play wrestle her little brother and torture him in all sorts of painful scissorholds. Sometimes she would take it to the next level and scissor her boyfriends just to show them who was really boss. In You Aways Want What You Can't Have, her ex-boyfriend has been trying to get back with her for the last 3 years, so Dominique finally invites him over just to prove to herself (and him) that she is completely over him. She has another little surprise in store for him. Her impressive gym-honed physique, complete with 14+" biceps and 24+" thighs! Dominique starts by posing for him, but when her mouthy, egotistical ex puts his hands on her, Dominique knows there's only one thing to do ... scissor his lights out! She climbs behind him and immediately clamps on a vicious classic head scissor and head scissor four that has him screaming to be released. Then it's hold after debilitating hold for the next 21 minutes. Of particular note are two, 4 minute long sequences highlighting her tremendous, perfectly sculpted derriere! Dominique's side scissor and side scissor 4, and then her devastating reverse head scissor and reverse figure 4, in which she does indeed knock his lights out to end this video. And, Dominique loves to flex her awesome biceps as she punishes him in dominant position, including a front straddle and victory pose as he's lying prone on the floor. Outstanding lighting, closeups and excellent angles amplify the action of this gorgeous, muscular, young creature, scissoring her ex-boyfriend into oblivion! Enjoy!