• Bianca Blance is a 5'7", 135 lb yoga practitioner, natural athlete and session wrestler from Italy.  Muscle Dolly is a 5'6", 150 lb female bodybuilder and session wrestler from Hungary.  Both these women are well known in wrestling sessions and videos so it was natural to match these two against each other in UTCS-209, Truly Competitive, Bianca vs. Dolly!  This is a classic battle of the bodybuilder (Dolly) vs. the fitness enthusiast (Bianca.)  On paper you would feel that maybe Dolly, with her strength, muscle mass and weight advantage might win out.  But Bianca's strength and conditioning is second to none and she is training ongoing in BJJ, wrestling and boxing.  So as Kip always says, "that's why we play the games!"  Early on in the match, Bianca is able to trap Dolly in a guard body scissor right up under Dolly's ribs and earns a quick tapout.  However, in the next face-off, Dolly is able to pull Bianca into her guard.  Bianca, twisting to try and free herself from Dolly's strong legs gives up her neck accidentally and Dolly gets Bianca in a brutal headlock.  For the next 2.5 minutes Dolly squeezes the crap out of Bianca, but the determined  Italian "Stallion" never gives up.  Eventually tiring Dolly, Bianca miraculously escapes, completely turning the tables on Dolly and winning the fall with a cross body pin and Kimora.  We've seen this behavior before with Bianca, where she makes an early mistake, but because she is relentless in her will to survive and never tapout, she is able to outlast and exhaust her opponents to where victory becomes inevitable.  And there it is, Dolly is game the rest of the way, but with her strength advantage zapped, she becomes no match for Bianca's superior conditioning and skill.  Indeed, Bianca is just getting warmed up!  You can see the body language of the 2 athletes shift, with Bianca triumphantly flexing after each fall and Dolly looking visibly shaken and frustrated.  But Bianca enjoyed this day and goes hard on Dolly, forcing the Hungarian to retaliate with whatever she has.  In the last fall Dolly tries to save face and fervently attacks Bianca, but once again falls prey to a vicious body scissor.  Please enjoy, UTCS-209, Truly Competitive, Bianca vs. Dolly!
  • Dolly is a beautiful Hungarian female bodybuilder with an amazing physique, capped off with biceps and calves in the 15" range and 24" man-eating quads! In UTCS-166, Dolly vs. Zac, Zac is getting warmed up on the mat and Dolly comes in and challenges him to wrestle.  Zac is game, even a little cocky at first, but Dolly flares up her biceps and asks him "Are you scared?"  What starts out as a competitive mixed wrestling match, soon becomes a one-sided squeeze-fest, as Dolly asserts her dominance.  At the beginning Dolly ties up with him and he immediately understands how strong she is, and she takes him down to the mat and mounts him.  After an armpit choke, front scissor, grapevine, classic scissor and the first of many reverse scissors and reverse figure 4's, Zac is exhausted, and we're only 6 minutes in!  This is how it goes for many men who foolishly challenge Dolly.  They soon find out this Hungarian hurricane takes no prisoners, and will seriously put a hurtin' on you!   We learned Dolly has a stunning array of holds and is quick as a cat, but it's her devastating reverse scissor and reverse figure 4 that is her absolute favorite, and her definite money-maker!   Indeed, Zac spends most of this match sandwiched high up in her ass, as she traps him in the reverse scissor and reverse scissor 4 at least 5 different times, alternating with other crushing scissorholds in between.  When she traps him, she has this sweet, knowing little smile on her face that says, "I've got you again!"  But when Zac calls Dolly a "bitch," the smile leaves her face and she really lays the legs to him.  For the rest of this contest, she scissors Zac relentlessly, making him admit she is stronger, beg to be released, and tap his submission countless times.  Dolly is one of the hottest mixed wrestlers in the world, and now she's on Utopia! TRT 15 minutes, enjoy!


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