Cypruss Allure

  • Cypruss Allure is a beautiful, skilled Judoka who takes no prisoners on the mat. She's put on about 17 lbs of muscle since we first met her, so her combination of skill, strength and size make it nearly impossible for her opponent to escape when she gets on top. Possessing amazing balance, Cypruss now combines that with 25" tree trunk thighs!  Derrick is roughly 7" taller and 33 lbs. heavier but she proves once again, "size isn't everything!" Derrick has been embarrassed by Cypruss before, so in UTCS-119, Cypruss Allure Dismantles Derrick, he comes out determined to get at least one fall on her, but it takes her about 1 minute to take him down and submits him in an arm bar.  The rest of the match, Cypruss puts Derrick in a variety of Judo holds, throws, locks and submissions totally dismantling our young victim. Wearing her traditional judo gi, with her brown belt and bare legs, Derrick says midway through, "She's definitely earned that belt she's wearing!"  You'll love watching Cypruss Allure completely dominate Derrick on the mat.  TRT 17.5 minutes, enjoy!
  • Skilled judoka Cypruss Allure returns to Utopia to further prove why she is one of the best wrestlers on the session wrestling scene. She's trying to build some muscle mass so she's put on some weight since the last time we've seen her, and is hitting the gym hard. Her thighs are now a staggering 25." When she gets them on you, and she does a lot, it's submit or nite-nite time! Combine her impressive build with awesome judo skills and it's no wonder why this power-packed women can dominate men over twice her size. Before this video She and Derrick roll around for a few minutes to test each other out and it became abundantly clear that he was no match for beautiful Cypruss. I mean she's a Brown belt in Judo and competes in many tournaments against both men and women each year. And even though Derrick loves the gym and is gaining knowledge with each woman who kicks his ass, he's hardly in her league as a grappler. So Cypruss dons a blindfold for this video to challenge herself and to give Derrick the clear advantage. Cypruss "feels" him out at the beginning and once she gets her bearings, she dominates. Cypruss is strong enough to keep him in close where she can mount him and her balance is impeccable. She constantly uses his weight against him and keeps him on the defensive the entire match. Holds of note are triangles, joint locks, her infamous reverse scissor and reverse figure 4, side scissor and side 4, a couple of arm bars and the final rear naked choke. As she traps him in it she says "This feels good," and as Derrick tries to roll out of it, she sinks it in deeper to submit him for good. Check out sexy Cypruss Allure in UTCS-71, Cypruss Allure - Blindfolded and Victorious today. 16.5 minutes with stereo sound. Enjoy!

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