Carmin Sixpack

  • To our knowledge this is of Carmin Sixpack's first ever scissor video,  along with Part 1 that is.  Friends of ours discovered her competing at a physique show and shot this for us 2 weeks after.  This is a collection of 4 scenes with 15.5 total minutes of scissoring.  There are 3 victim's in the 4 clips.  Cocky jobber Jim is in 2 of the clips, veteran Dante is in a clip, and newcomer Al is in a clip.  First up is Jim. As expected the big mouth has something to say right off the hop, and that is for Carmin to massage his neck.  She massages his neck all right, with her gargantuan gams in a side scissor and side figure 4.  Carmin is in amazing condition in these clips and you can really see the striations in her thighs and her bulging hamstrings as she mashes his skull.  Next Carmin has Al in a front scissor. They don't call her Sixpack for no reason as you can see how awesome her abs are through this entire clip.  Both figure 4 and straight leg scissors are employed to make the newcomer tap.  Props to Al, because I don't think he tapped at all in his 4 minute long head squashing.  Dante has a reputation for being able to take a severe squeezing, so we challenged him to do his best in Carmin's reverse scissor.  He doesn't fare very well because there's roughly 2o+ tapouts in his 4 minute neck workout.  Lastly Jim tests Sixpack's grapevine and body scissor.  We taught Carmin how to do the hip-snap grapevine and she thrusts him into oblivion.  2 segments of grapevine's surround a rib bending body scissor.  Please enjoy Carmin Sixpack's Scissoring Highlight Reel, Part 2!  TRT 16 minutes.
  • To our knowledge this is Carmin Sixpack's first ever scissor video. Friends of ours discovered her competing at a physique show and shot this for us 2 weeks later. Jim is one of the cockiest jobbers, and in UTCS-43, Carmin Sixpack's Highlight Reel - Part 1, he hears Sixpack is a mixed wrestling virgin, he feels there's no way she can really hurt him. Jim was wrong! In near contest shape, Sixpack squeezes Jim in a few different scissorholds, making him scream and tap along the way. Sixpack has one of the sexiest, curviest and most muscular physiques in mixed wrestling and she shuts Jim up with some intense scissoring and HOM smothers!  Please enjoy Carmin Sixpack's Highlight Reel #1, and there's more to come of this fantastic woman!  TRT 17 minutes.


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