IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Brigita Brezovac returns to Utopia in our latest installment of "Holy Shit This Woman Can Really Wrestle!" This time her unlucky victim is John. Normally we would characterize a victim in a mixed wrestling video as lucky, but not when you face "The Slovenian Steamroller!" We told John to bring it, but that matters little to Brigita. She's actually trained in several different martial arts, so she was probably looking at John as a hawk about to swoop in on a field mouse. Couple that with 16" baseball shaped biceps and 26" slabs of granite as thighs and John never had a chance. Still we have to give John props, because he kept coming and kept getting trapped in hold after punishing hold with him enduring a tremendous beating for 30 solid minutes. In the beginning Brigita sets the tone for this match with a 2+ minute rear naked choke sequence, moving swiftly into a 2+ minute crushing headscissor sequence. We're 5 minutes in and Brigita is smiling the whole time and hasn't even broken a sweat. Several variations of grapevines, body scissors, figure 4's, straddles, front scissors, reverse scissors and other damaging holds follow, and in the end, John is completely spent with Brigita still smiling while posing her fantastic muscles in an awesome victory pose! Enjoy!