Bigred is a national level bodybuilder, powerlifter and session wrestler from San Diego.  Tall, tan and treacherous this 5'9", 190lb. woman has the size, strength and skill, to take on anyone on the mats.  Playing softball, tennis and running track growing up, Bigred started to develop her mind and body to compete and win at the highest levels.  She can Squat 385 and Bench Press 290 and it's no wonder her huge, muscular legs are her favorite body part and her mind-erasing reverse head scissor is her favorite wrestling hold.   Now only 5 weeks out from an upcoming bodybuilding show, Bigred is in tremendous shape, thick, yet hard as a rock with 16.5" biceps, 29" thighs and 17" calves, making her one of the most muscular women in mixed wrestling today.  In Bigred Scissors Ed, Ed is bored with being in mixed wrestling videos and tells Skylar this is his last video.  Skylar introduces him to Bigred, to get the excitement back into Ed's like.  Bigred commands Ed to kneel and worship her legs that are about to crush him.  Then she does just that with a throat scissor, front scissor, several different reverse scissors, a grapevine, death grip, body scissor, and classic head scissor.  In the end Bigred leaves Ed vanquished on the mat and Skylar wakes him up to tell him to get back to work!  Enjoy!