• Backzilla returns in a sexy role-play entitled UTCS-154, Dancers Are Real Athletes, in which she is practicing her line-dance segment for an upcoming performance with the girls.  She is near contest prep and wearing a tiny black bikini top and "Daisy Duke" jean shorts.  Steve, ever the "macho shit-head," tells her to do the laundry and dishes, and actually says "you're  a bodybuilder, not a dancer," and "Dancer's aren't athletes." Backzilla gets pissed at his attitude and wrestles him down to the couch, where she straps on the first of many scissorholds. Backzilla pulls his head up with her signature chin-lock and slams her thighs into his trapped neck every time he says something indignant.  Then she reverses her position and scissors him in a superb 69 reverse scissor for over 3 minutes.  This is where Backzilla can really inflict some pain, as her 24" thighs can really go to work, back and forth from straight leg to figure 4.  Then she pulls him to the floor for some hip-thrusting grapevine and body scissor ground work while flexing her awesome biceps, and incredible back.  Lastly Backzilla pulls him in high and tight for her punishing front scissor.  Taunting him more, Backzilla asks him "Which is better, dancing or bodybuilding?"  Then she tells him emphatically, "You don't want to say the wrong thing in this position, ... I could kill you in an instant!" Utopia introduced Backzilla to the wrestling world in 2021, and now she's taking the session world by storm.  Its easy to see why, as this buff blonde dynamo walks around in near contest shape and loves to flex and squeeze men into gurgling submission!  TRT 18 minutes, enjoy!
  • Jobber Steve is embarrassed by his performance in UTCS-138, I'm Going as Backzilla, and so in UTCS-143, Take It Like a Man, he tells Backzilla he wants a rematch, saying he is so much taller and also a man that he is supposed to win.  He promises he's ready this time and pushes Backzilla.  Being a female bodybuilder, Backzilla is no stranger to this type of chauvinism, so she immediately goes after Steve and puts him on the mat with a perfectly executed single leg takedown.  From there, Backzilla climbs on Steve which begins a complete thrashing that Steve won't soon forget.  Wrestling against Backzilla is like getting run over by a steamroller.  Her body is hard as a rock, with no jiggle what-so-ever and her scissor holds are like having your head sandwiched in an industrial vice.  Witness at one point in this video Steve tapping frantically and then crying out in pain, saying "please lighten up," which only causes Backzilla to keep pouring it on more.  When she asks him if he wants to give and Steve hesitates his response, she says "More scissors," and then brutally chinlocks him while applying her devastating classic scissor!  A one point hopelessly trapped in her inescapable reverse figure 4, she tells Steve "Take it like a man!"  Steve suffers though a grapevine, front scissor, front 4, throat scissor, throat 4, classic scissor, classic 4, several reverse scissors and reverse scissor 4's and Backzilla even pins him in a cradle to prove to him she is the much better wrestler.  In the end Backzilla stands over the exhausted male and free poses her awesome physique. Backzilla is a one woman wrecking crew and right now she's only on TRT 14 minutes, Enjoy!
  • is proud to introduce physique competitor Backzilla to the mixed wrestling world.  Just in time for Halloween is a fun and sexy role-play in which Backzilla puts on a tiny, silver, g-string bikini, to go to a party dressed as Backzilla, the female bodybuilder!  In UTCS-138, I'm Going as Backzilla, Steve demands she put more clothes on, Backzilla decides he needs an attitude adjustment.  She wrestles him down to the ground where she works him over with a variety of pro holds, scissors and muscle worship.  Backzilla is really powerful, sporting 14" biceps and 24" thighs packed onto her 5'2" frame.  When she slams those thighs on you and squeezes 0-100% it's tap-out or pass-out.  Of course Steve is a veteran of 100's of videos  and can really absorb a whipping, but Backzilla is more than happy to oblige.  Flexing, trash talking and making him stroke her fantastic physique at every opportunity, Backzilla maneuvers Steve into grapevine, choke, crucifix, camel clutch and surfboard.  Mixing in a reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, throat scissor, throat scissor 4, front scissor and front figure 4 to completely weaken him.  Lastly she flexes her awesome muscles while standing over him and makes him worship her incredible body. Backzilla is a rare treat in the mixed wrestling world and she's only here right now at!  TRT 14.5 minutes, enjoy!


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