Utopia Entertainment visited Los Angeles recently and was lucky enough to shoot a few clips with awesome IFBB competitor Pro Muscles.  Pro Muscles is a Brazilian beauty who came to America for college.  A competitive swimmer who spoke very little English in those days, she gave up swimming to concentrate on her studies, but continued training in the gym to stay athletic and strong.  Soon she was bitten by the bug to build her body for competition.  And build she did, as she earned her pro card, with incredible muscle size, shape and symmetry.  Combine that with gorgeous looks, flawless skin, intelligence and this is one woman who could rule the world!  As is often the case at Utopia, we first love to feature newcomers to the site in brand new installments of "Holy Shit, This Woman Can Really Wrestle!" So in UTCS-135, Pro Muscles vs. Ed, we measure Pro Muscles biceps, thighs and calves on camera and then she takes to the mat against Ed. Pro Muscles has been training hard in Wrestling and BJJ for about a year now, and she knows her scissorholds. Right out of the gate she flips Ed to the ground and then mounts him with a hip thrusting grapevine. Then she gets those gorgeous gams on him in several variations of scissors.  Classic head scissor and classic figure 4, reverse scissor and reverse figure 4, throat scissor and throat 4, a schoolgirl pin with some awesome flexing, and then she tells him she's going to "finish him" in a devastating front scissor and front figure 4.  When Ed taps his final submission, she stands over him with her foot planted on his chest in a classic victory pose. Pro Muscles is beautiful, buff, and badass, and her newest wrestling clip is here on UtopiaEntertainment.com.  Check out the preview clip to Pro Muscles vs. Ed here.  TRT 12 minutes, enjoy!