6-pack abs

  • AmazonkaS Rides King!

    15 Mins. $12.95
    IFBB Pro Wellness competitor Amazonka S returns to Utopia to ride our man King's face!  When she's not riding it, she's crushing it between her massive, rock-hard gams.  In UTCS-226, Amazonka S Rides King, Amazonka enters the bedroom where King is already shackled. She immediately climbs on and begins to front facesit the buff dude and take selfies. Then she transitions to a reverse scissor and punishes him. She completely engulfs his head in a reverse facesit, before again crushing the daylights from him in a reverse scissor and reverse scissor 4.  Then she obliterates his face once again by grinding and smothering him for 4 straight minutes with both front facing and reverse facsitting.  Lastly, she polishes him off with a grueling reverse scissor and some nice long squeezes, where you can literally see her muscles trembling from the pressure.  Amazonka S is a rare treat and the only place you'll see her scissoring is on UtopiaEntertainment.com.  Enjoy!
  • Sexy, Italian, badass, Bianca Blance is one of the most accomplished and competitive female wrestlers in the world today.  That's why we love to feature her in no-holds-barred competitive wrestling against both males and females.  In UTCS-222, Bianca vs. Christian she is in the best shape of her life at a mesmerizing 5'7" and 135lbs.  She is lean, muscular, quick as a cat, and powerful.  Christian is cocky however, and he was adamant before the match that he would be able to submit Bianca "with no problem." Bianca is always nervous before these contests and she is focused.  As the 2 combatants face off, you can see it's all business on both sides, but it quickly becomes apparent that Bianca is just too much woman for Christian to handle.  She gets her first of 5 or 6 submissions about 1:45 in.  Then after each submission, while he is helpless she dominates him with some other type of vicious hold.  About half way through, Bianca takes off her top off as a show of dominance, revealing her perfect natural breasts.  Still, Christian gets up time and again and gives it his all, but like so many men and women before him, his all just ain't good enough!  Bianca vs. Christian is 16 minutes in length, enjoy!
  • Bianca vs. Kiniku!

    12.5 Mins. $11.95
    Bianca and Kiniku are friends but also rivals.  We found out they have a love/hate relationship so we commissioned this match between the 2 of them.  Bianca vs. Kiniku is a competitive topless battle, shot on location in Barcelona, Spain.  There is no nonsense here, the 2 women step out onto the mat, slap hands and get down to business.  Bianca has taken the session world by storm and she has become one of the most sought after video performers in the world.  It's easy to see why, she is beautiful, sexy, always in tremendous condition and gives 100% effort all the time.  What many don't know, is she is incredibly strong for her size, (stronger than most men) is aggressive, has fierce determination, is cunning, and knows a wide variety of wrestling styles, holds and counters.  Indeed, if you're going to face Bianca on the mat, you better bring your "A" game, or it will be a long match for you.  When Bianca traps you in a hold, she can be downright vicious, pouring on the pressure and going for the tap immediately. We've all heard comparisons of a scissorhold, to that of being squeezed by a python, but in Bianca's case it's true.  It's uncanny the pressure this 135 lbs. woman can bring to bear, and very unfortunate for Kiniku. Kiniku has been wrestling and grappling for many years, and started session wrestling in 2015, and she loves to compete.  Kiniku is also very strong and traps Bianca a couple of times, but Bianca will not give in and eventually tires Kiniku and turns the tables on her.  To be fair to Kiniku, this was videotaped after she handed Zac his ass, so she may have been a little winded.  That said, it's an entertaining match, and Kiniku gives her best account. The preview clip can be found here.  Bianca vs. Kiniku is 12.5 minutes in length.  Enjoy!
  • Kiniku vs. Zac!

    11.5 Mins. $10.95
    Kiniku is a super athletic German woman living in Spain. She is best known for her competitive spirit and 6-pack abs. She loves to wrestle both men and women and has been sessioning since 2015.  "Kiniku vs. Zac" is her first match for Utopia, thus an outdoor rendition of "Holy Shit this Woman Can Really Wrestle" shot on location in Barcelona, Spain.  Zac loves to wrestle as well, and at the beginning he makes fun of both Kiniku and Utopia and that is the last time he smiles for the rest of this match! Kiniku takes Zac down and works a nice variety of grappling locks including an arm triangle, rear naked choke and body scissor combination, armpit choke, leg triangle chokes, guillotine, and a few other brutal chokeholds.  Kiniku is really bearing down and out for blood, but Zac proves to be pretty tough.  However, the overall pressure Kiniku brings to bear on Zac's trapped neck is too overwhelming.  Now that Zac is softened up, it's scissortime!  When Kiniku scissors him, her legs expand with solid muscularity.  An aerial side scissor, several reverse scissors, a classic head scissor, followed by another grappling guillotine and rear naked choke, give way to some more scissor punishment as Kiniku straddles Zac and makes him submit as she victoriously flexes her awesome biceps.  Lastly a humiliating slap in his face to show once and for all who is boss!   The preview clip can be found here.  Kiniku vs. Zac is 11.5 minutes in length. Enjoy!
  • Oil Me Bitch!

    9.5 Mins. $8.95
    Wonder D is an phenomenal IFBB Women's Physique Pro from NYC.  Tall, shredded, vascular, and hard as a rock, "Oil Me Bitch" was shot 4 days before she competed at the 2022 Tampa Pro.  Wonder D has a dominant side and she loves to have lowly slave boys oil her up and massage her massive muscles.  Steve is her lucky bitch boy this day and he oils her granite-like slabs, as she flexes for fans of pro level female physiques and Kip's camera.  Watching D flex her awesome physique is like an anatomy lesson, and there's many incredible close-ups as Wonder D flexes every body part, especially her 16" calves and thoroughbred like "race horse" hamstrings.  This clip is the first of 4 total clips from this shoot, including flexing, muscle worship, scissoring and facesitting.  TRT 9.5 minutes of some of the sexiest, ripped muscle you will ever see!  Enjoy! The preview clip can be found here.


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